Neighbors in Need is beyond inspiring. Many in the group volunteer countless hours of their time week after week to get families what they need during the most vulnerable chapter of their lives. By the time these everyday donations reach the families, they’ve become gifts of love and these first connections are often the beginning of new friendships. Neighbors in Need has been a great reminder for me of just how powerful our networks are, especially through social media and how much we can all accomplish in our free time, even if just a few hours a week. Many of these families have left behind their friends and family, their network, their support system, their community. So in all that is done within these various non profits and within NIN, the goal is that these families feel a little less alone, and a lot more hope and I think they do.
— Angela Stone, NiN member, NiN member, and founder of Maine Needs

Now in my 70s, I’m meeting (and becoming quite attached to) people of color from around the world for the first time in my life. Falling into NIN by saying yes to my dear friend and mom of NIN’s admin unlocked this joyful door. NIN people with needs and those who meet them show the best of humanity as individuals and the true sense of creating community together — all with love, generosity, grace and appreciation. Every person I tell the story of NIN. responds with awe and gratitude to all who support our sisters and brothers in need. These wonderful, brave people have endured so much to get here. We joyfully give them friendship and heartfelt caring during such vulnerable periods of adjusting and settling into new lives.
— Sarah Cross Mills, NiN member

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— Nin Admin